Can I get paid please?

p1_thumbnailOn Saturday, 19th of January I had my first experience of actively volunteering at VolunteerCorps. It was an interesting experience and I probably would have spent the whole day yakking about the joys and ways to conquer the internet but my good friend Tuke Kuku, ED of VolunteerCorps had to tell me in the most polite way possible to shut up and handover the stage (Not really! She just told me my allotted time was up).

I was basically talking to an audience of student leaders about how they could leverage the internet and start making some money by exchanging VALUE via the internet.

I also offered up this online channel where I would answer more questions, teach a bit more and basically do a bit of hand holding on how to make some money off the internet and improve the Nigerian society. I have decided to take this on as an experiment, below is a download link to my presentation slides. Enjoy!!!

My next post will be on how to setup your very own website without paying a kobo.

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